Husband's artistic attempts to make the bed goes viral

MANSON, Washington (WPVI) -- A retiree is getting a lot of attention for his, let's call it - lovable lack of domestic awareness.

His efforts to help out around the house have now gone viral.

Meet Jim and Joanne Sterling of Manson, Washington.

The high school sweethearts have lived a long life of wedded bliss - which was only recently challenged when Jim retired, and Joanne told him to, quote - pull his weight around the house.

Making the bed would be a nice start.

This was his first effort, which we'll call the square stack.

Jim, evidently perplexed at how to properly appoint the pillows, tried all kinds of combinations - many of which are now going viral.

Here's the so-called superstack, perfectly positioned in the middle of the bed.

Here's the end of the bed arrangement.

Clearly enjoying the attention - Jim has now ventured into mixing props with the pillows.

Here's the clown cage.

Stuffed animals also sometimes make an appearance.

But rest assured - its is NOT all fun and games - Jim has also been derelict of his bed making duties - this day he apparently went on strike.

Nonetheless, like birds of a feather - the family flocks together - turning a simple chore into a whole lot more.

Making for something we can all smile about.

You can see the whole collection, uploaded by their daughter Jessy Sterling, below.
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