Local #PicsForPeace movement aims to unify all races and cultures

WINSLOW, N.J. (WPVI) -- In the wake of recent events, from the police shootings of 2 black men to the deaths of 5 officers in Dallas, a homegrown movement for love, unity and most importantly empathy is spreading globally.

It started in Sicklerville, New Jersey and it's called #PicsForPeace - a now viral idea born out of candid conversation between these three men and their local police chief.

Andre Fooks and his friends Nigel Newman and Aaron Grant say they just wanted an open, honest chat about what's happening - and how we can all work to fix it.

They got that from Winslow Township police chief George Smith.

Fooks posted the pic from their meeting on Facebook, writing in part: "Not every black person is a thug, not every white person is racist and not every police officer is dirty. It is a simple fact that sometimes people do really bad things for no good reason."

The plea that came with it is to take a picture with a random person of a different race, or a police officer and post it with the hashtag #PicsForPeace.

"If you build a friend from a different race and understand their race and culture, that's all we are really hoping for here," said Andre.

The movement is now going viral across the globe, with tens of thousands of people - and counting - sharing pics for peace.
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