Loud music from South Philadelphia keeping some New Jersey residents awake

WESTVILLE, N.J. (WPVI) -- Neighbors in several Gloucester County, New Jersey communities say they've been dealing with overnight loud music for several years now.

"It's the bass. It's a very loud bass sound," said Dawn Prince of Westville, N.J.

"You can actually hear the vibration. It actually vibrates the house," said her husband, Jeff Prince.

"There's no earplugs in the world that can get around the bass," said Jeff Stefan.

The music is coming from across the Delaware River in South Philadelphia.

Last year, dozens of people and massive sound systems were found in the parking lot of Jetro Cash and Carry, next to the Lincoln Financial Field.

After Action News looked into this in 2018, Jetro said it would start locking its parking lot gates.

But this year, the partiers were back.

The folks who live in Westville say they're not even bothered by the fact that music is playing. It's the times they're hearing it: between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.

"Even if it was midnight that it stopped, that would be okay. But 5 in the morning is ridiculous," said Stefan.

Jetro officials say a parking lot gate broke a few weeks ago, and they're working to fix it.

They also say a Jetro regional manager plans to meet with Philadelphia police to come up with a plan to prevent people from trespassing on their property.

Neighbors say they have called police, but the problem persists.

Action News saw police breaking up the group over the weekend after several complaints were called in.

Folks here say they just want to get some sleep.

"Get them out of the area so it stops. They need to stop," said Dawn Prince.
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