Making better tasting coffee at home

For a lot of us, that first cup of coffee means firing up a Mr. Coffee or a Keurig coffee maker.

Easy, yes, but, both of these can get build-up, scale, calcium and other deposits that affect the water you use.

Also, considering coffee is mostly water, these small things can mean a big hit to your flavor.

However, it turns out there are a lot of affordable options that are easier to clean and let you have more control over the strength of your brew.

One of the newest things catching on with coffee lovers is the Aeropress.

You put coffee in the chamber, add hot water, let it brew and then press into any cup, glass or mug you want.

It comes with tons of filters, which can give a cleaner taste to coffee.

The great thing about the filters is they are not mucky, you just pop them out, like a pod, and clean up is done.

This is a great option if you want to take a coffee maker with you from home to work or elsewhere.

"It's really easy," says Joe Coffee's Kendra Sledzinski. "You can have a great cup of coffee in two minutes. And it packs up nice and light into a little bag."

For that refined taste of pour-over coffee, you can do it yourself with a V60.

Scoop, pour in hot water and in minutes you will have a single cup to savor.

But if you like a deeper 'here comes the boom' flavor, grab a French press.

"The French press has a mesh metal filter, so a lot of the oil and sediment comes through," says Daniel Faehl of Pilgrim Coffee Roasters. "It just gives a heartier, rounder mouth feel."

Here's how you do it: Scoop in some coarse ground coffee and swirl in a little boiling water.

Give it a minute to let the coffee "bloom," fill it up with the water, after four minutes it's ready!

These options are very affordable, with the Aeropress and V60 cost about $30. A French press can cost you as little as $5.

The experts say, if you're going to splurge anywhere, there are two places: go for a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder because you will get a more consistent grind and consider using bottled or filtered water.

Again, coffee is mostly water and you'll taste the difference!

Here's to your best brew!
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