Men watch as their girlfriends get catcalled while walking in New York City

A group of men weren't happy after watching their girlfriends get catcalled by strangers while walking through New York City.

Three couples were featured in a new video from, where men sat alongside their girlfriends and watched footage of the women being catcalled by strangers while walking through New York City. The men were visibly and audibly agitated by the catcalls, which some of the women said happens to them all the time.

"I'm getting pissed off," said Seth as his girlfriend Olivia received suggestive remarks from strangers. "I'm not happy with this."

Cosmopolitan's video recalls the "10 hours of Walking in NYC as a woman" video that went viral last October. The woman featured in that video, Shoshana Roberts, recently filed a lawsuit against its director and the organization that published it, saying that her performance and likeness were used for "advertising or trade without her prior written consent," according to the Associated Press.

The Cosmpolitan video differs, however, by offering a different take by having the women's romantic partners present to witness the catcalls taking place.

"You're somebody's daughter, somebody's sister," Miguel told his girlfriend Amy after watching the footage. "I'm sure if somebody did that to their mother or their cousin I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate it."

Since being posted on Monday, the video has received more than 270,000 views on YouTube.
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