Mom's blog against overly sexy tween Halloween costumes goes viral

Halloween costumes can range from cute kids in frilly, funny costumes to creepy ghosts and goblins or vampires and zombies.

But there's one mom who maintains that the the scariest thing about Halloween is the sexy - and sexist - costumes on the market for tweens, such as one Army uniform called "Major Flirt."

Shana Aborn's blog on is going wildly viral.

In it, she writes: "It's hard to tell whether you're reading a party-shop flyer or a Victoria's Secret catalog."

She says the irony is that these outfits, like the "Cop Cuties" costume, wouldn't get past the front door in your average elementary schools, so why promote provocative clothing that plays on stereotypes for young girls?

Aborn says they are squirm-inducing, writing: "This holiday is scary enough as it is; allowing it to compromise girls' innocence and self-image is a nightmare we don't need."
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