Motorcycle club gives bullied girl a ride to school

A little girl in Ohio who was being bullied at school is getting some help from an unlikely group of new friends.

Seven-year-old Audriana Reynolds told her mom she was being bullied at school. So mom called for backup.

The local motorcycle club, called "The Punishers", were more than happy to step in.

They may have a tough name, but these bikers, who are all former law enforcement and first responders, have a soft spot for helping children in need.

Audriana's mom was inspired to call them because her first grader loves riding dirt bikes.

Mom figured the motorcycles would help cheer her up.

The club surprised little Audrianna with a ride to school -- on a real motorcycle.

Her mom, Alexandria Reynolds, says, "We were just trying to uplift her spirits and let her know that not everybody's mean and there is plenty of nice people in the world and the guys have really done a nice job with helping us with that."

The group now considers Audriana part of their family.

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