Haddon Township freshman pranks friend with 'Chewbacca roar' contest

HADDON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The series is culturally iconic, to the point that the notorious hooks from Star Wars can be heard pretty much anywhere.

There is one sound, however, that is internet gold and can make people go viral in a heartbeat, so it's no surprise that when a kid put up signs advertising a "Chewbacca roar" contest, the contenders came in by the hundreds.

"The voicemails were about 150. The calls themselves were about 500," said Seamus Taulane.

Taulane was the victim. There is no prize and this was all just a prank, pulled off by his best friend, Noel Hecht.

"I printed out 50 fliers that said "Chewbacca roar" contest. They all had his number on it and a $50 award for best impression," said Hecht.

"For the first week or so, I was fuming. I was actually plotting revenge with a similar concept," said Taulane.

Hecht and Taulane are both freshman at Haddon Township High School.

To pull this off, Hecht put the signs up everywhere - from his neighborhood to Collingswood, to Audubon, even in the city, including Reading Terminal Market.

"Why man! Why!" Taulane pleaded with his friend.

"Eh, I was bored," Hecht responded.
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