People get drunk to help police in Lycoming County

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Volunteers get drunk to help police in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. (WPVI)

Don't worry - these people are not in trouble.

The men and women taking sobriety tests are not DUI suspects, but instead volunteers who helped Williamsport Bureau of Police host a field sobriety class for officers in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

The volunteers get to drink for free, and are supposed to consume enough alcohol to feel a buzz.

After a few cups of alcohol, volunteers try their best to act sober.

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The point of the exercise is for officers to learn how to properly administer field sobriety tests. In the class, officers can practice the field sobriety tests in a safer setting.

Courtney Coulter, one of the volunteers, was instructed to walk in a straight line, heel to toe. After consuming a few alcoholic beverages, Coulter said, "It was really hard. I didn't think it was going to be that hard, but it was really hard."

The class does not just help the officers. The volunteers learn some tips of their own.

"So many people don't take drinking seriously. They don't think that they go out to the bar, they have one or two drinks and they drive home. That's a really big deal," said Coulter.
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