Philadelphians share hopes for next four years under President Biden

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WPVI) -- The Delaware Valley has been placed under the national spotlight following Philadelphia's role in securing the election for Joe Biden, a candidate who hails from the first state of Delaware.

The 46th President of the United States is seen as a role model for Jay from North Philadelphia, who sat alone on a cold morning at LOVE Park today.

"I grew up here. I don't look homeless, but that's what I am," he said.

Jay sees a parallel between himself and President Biden, who emerged from family tragedies with the confidence to pave his way to the White House.

"We needed somebody like that that was going to turn around and make a change to show other people that the negative part of their lives can be changed," he said.

Also found strolling in Center City today was Jonathan Szeto, an Earth Science and Political Science major at the University of Pennsylvania.

"I'm really looking forward to Joe Biden really recognizing the inequalities in how environmental management affects different populations of people," said Szeto, citing Philadelphia as a prime example.

Tree Philly reports that only 20% of land in Philadelphia had tree cover in 2018. This encouraged various organizations to plant more trees in lower income neighborhoods to stimulate cooler temperatures and fresher air.

Ashley Ahn, a University of Pennsylvania student studying biology and East Asian Studies, looks forward to the day when the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is less politicized.

"It is not something to be polarized," she said. "It should be more a public health issue."

Other citizens we talked to today hoped that President Biden would support and protect the rights of police officers and veterans.

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