Philly welcomes return of the sun after days of dreary weather

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Friday in Philly it would seem no frowns could be found.

After three days of severe weather around the region many eager for a dose of sunshine.

"I literally could not be any happier, I was stuck inside the last couple of days," said Heather Camden.

Camden resumed her usual workout on the Art Museum steps.

"On my way home from work yesterday it was just absolute downpour. I could not see like five feet in front of me. I was like I just need some sun!" said Camden.

The Brown family from D.C. was also ready for a change in scenery and weather.

The family took a stroll and sightseeing tour around Philadelphia.

"It's gorgeous, a great family day," said Shannon Brown.

At Dilworth and Love Park, there were also plenty of people dining al fresco.

" The weather dictates the pace. Weather has been awful, so I was looking forward to a day like this," said food vendor Tennille McIntosh.

A number of people were also spotted at Rittenhouse Square both lounging and tanning.

After days of dreary weather, many certainly now able to look on the bright side of things.

"Having been for the last couple of days trying to dry out a wet basement, this gorgeous sunshine is a great relief for me," said Aaron Gooding.
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