Professional cuddler says 'Snuggle Mobile' stolen

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The bright orange Snuggle Mobile trailer contained nearly $5,000 worth of snuggle material. (KTRK)

Shanya Luther works as a professional snuggler. She says someone stole her bright orange Snuggle Mobile trailer containing nearly $5,000 worth of snuggle material including mats, t-shirts and pillows.

"My heart is broken at the senseless unkind act when I was trying to spread love and compassion," Luther said in a Facebook post. "I worked so hard trying to do something good for others and make the world just a little bit better."

Luther last saw the trailer Friday. KATU reports that Tuesday she walked out of her home saw the trailer was gone.

"We can't put on events without the stuff that was in the trailer," Luther said. "It's really of no value to anyone else."

Professional snugglers, also referred to as cuddlers, provide platonic touch to those seeking physical human connection.

Luther said she's filed a police report for the missing trailer and shared her thoughts on the thief.

"They totally need a snuggle don't they? I feel like something must have been going on for them if they were to do something like this," said Luther.
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