Qunify works to create spaces for LGBTQ community in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Qunify is a social organization formed with the hopes of fostering personal connections, city partnerships and opportunities for all LGBTQ people.

"We're attempting to build communities and creating spaces where all LGBTQ people can feel safe, comfortable and visible," said Crystal Agosto of Qunify.

They do this by hosting local events throughout the year.

"We wanted to make these different spaces in Philadelphia that we weren't seeing for the LGBTQ plus community," said Eric Schroeckenthaler, of Qunify. "We heard from folks who didn't want to be out at gay bars all the time, they didn't want their social life, community to revolve around alcohol and they wanted different opportunities to meet and interact with people on different levels."

Allan James said it is a great way to get out and meet new people and become involved in the community.

"Me personally, I'm very introverted. So I think Qunify does a great job at creating spaces where even people like me can feel welcomed," she said.

It's the group's mission to create a world that embraces and supports people from all backgrounds.

"Making sure that our spaces were colorful, and that people of color felt like they could be in our spaces, really opening Philly up both through our programming and through our community and just making it a space where LGBTQ plus people can thrive," said Schroeckenthaler.

Qunify's next event will be held on April 27.
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