Senior Soiree: Students learn secrets to long life

LANGHORNE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Some young people in Bucks County have brought the holiday spirit to hundreds of folks who are certainly young at heart.

Fifth graders at Maple Point Middle School in Langhorne sang and played their hearts out at a holiday party Tuesday called the "Senior Soiree".

The band, the choir, and the school orchestra entertained hundreds of grandparents and guests from area nursing homes.

"Oh, I thought it was great. There's something special about children singing, anytime of the year, especially the holidays," Christine Blizard of Solebury, Pennsylvania said.

The atmosphere and the activities are great, but just as important, students were encouraged to interact with the seniors and make a connection.

And so they asked their guests about themselves, taking notes about what their recipe is for a happy life.

"That is to love everybody and get along," grandparent Irene Kazan said.

"Get an education and pursue whatever you feel in your heart you can do. Don't let nobody take your dream from you," Jennie Rabb of Bristol, Pa. said.

"One of them was to never look back and enjoy every day and I think that's actually a really nice thing," student Jude DiGregorio said.

"Today too many students are all about the technology and texting and their cell phones, so we wanted them to have the opportunity to interact with their grandparents and get advice and life lessons to be learned," teacher Pam O'Boyle said.

It seems the students were listening.

"I love this project because we get to know about some seniors we never met before and when we do we get to learn a lot about them," student Emilee Epp said.

"I think it's good because you can see what they think a successful life is cause they already lived a long time," student Ethan Haus said.

"I think it's wonderful that they get a chance to interact with us and we get to enjoy them," Jean Darciprete of Benslame, Pa. said.

The holiday soiree was a big success, connecting generations through conversation, music and song.
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