Target employee donates kidney to co-worker in need

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"I feel like if the positions were reversed, I would hope someone would do it for me," Carrie Ferris said. (KETV)

Two Nebraska residents who already shared a job now share a lifetime connection after one donated a kidney to another.

Jeremy Meyer and Carrie Ferris first formed a friendship working together at Target, but they soon found out that they shared more than just a job.

"We have the same birthday, four years apart but the day exactly," Ferris, a visual merchandiser, told KETV.

They're also both from Omaha, but they come from different backgrounds. Ferris joined the Target team nearly two years ago while Meyer has worked there for 16 years. It was his first job after serving in the military after he was medically discharged with diabetes.

"From there, things just started gradually going down. (Over the past) few years, my kidneys took a hit," he said.

He recently found out that he needed a new kidney, but none of his family members qualified to donate to him.

Meyer then brought kidney donation pamphlets into work; Ferris read one and discovered yet another similarity between herself and Meyer: they have the same blood type.

She applied to donate and underwent months of testing, finding out in January that she could donate a kidney to Meyer.

"I was shocked that somebody actually stepped in like Carrie," he said of her selfless act.

The donation took place Jan. 30, and Ferris is recovering and plans to return to work by the end of the month. Meyer said the kidney immediately took and he will be back at work in March.

"I feel like if the positions were reversed, I would hope someone would do it for me. I feel like I couldn't really ask that unless I was willing to do it," Ferris added.
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