Teen goes viral for helping stranger on flight

Here is a story about the simple, yet powerful act of human kindness.

15-year-old Clara Daly helped a fellow passenger on board an Alaska Airlines flight. The encounter is going viral, sending a strong message of humanity and hope.

A passenger flying on board that flight, named Timothy, is blind and deaf.

The flight crew and other people seated in his row tried hard to communicate with him, but at one point an attendant asked if anyone knew American Sign Language.
Clara, who knows American Sign Language, spelled out each word with her hands for Timothy to feel.

Timothy asked for a water and also wanted to know how much longer the flight would be.

Later in the flight, Timothy asked for Clara again.

"He didn't need anything, he was just lonely and wanted to talk," said Clara.

She continued, "Doing something like that is what anyone would have done."

Clara is dyslexic and just started learning sign language last year.to help with her own communication.

Her mom, Jane, posted about the experience on Facebook.

Jane says their original flight was canceled. Clara told her extremely proud parents that it was meant to be.
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