Tub tray tweets go viral for all of the wrong reasons

A classical musician from California has hundreds of thousands of likes, shares and comments on Twitter but her newfound viral fame has nothing to do with her brilliance on the piano.

It had everything to do with tub trays.

Sharon Su tells Action News she was looking up bathtub trays on Amazon, and was struck by how the women in the product photos were doing things one would never do while in the bath.

Su decided to share some of the pics on social media, tweeting that she finds it strangely comforting the people who manufacture bathtub trays seem to have no idea what women actually do in the bath.

There was this example, featuring a bubble bath, a glass of wine and a small undressed salad.

Or how about her tweet pointing out a tray with a glass of wine, a tiny latte, an empty mug and a handful of rose petals where your undressed salad normally goes.

Su next mused, "As a woman, I enjoy painting my nails in the bathtub while simultaneously grabbing handfuls of cornflakes, reading about global warming, and watching people play Lady and the Tramp with a giant sandwich".

Another favorite is the photo where Su calls attention to the excess of 8 types of cheese, two types of grapes and two types of wine, plus not one-- but two-- phones.

The musician ended her viral tweet thread, by saying "In short, I have learned that I am apparently bathing all wrong and will rectify this immediately".

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