Wandering lovebird popping up all over in South Philly community

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A mysterious lovebird appears to be traveling around the City of Philadelphia, but officials are hoping to find its keeper.

On Monday, Penn Medicine took to Facebook with a photo of the colorful green and orange bird on the edge of a cup.

"This feathered friend flew into Pennsylvania Hospital and we would like to reunite it with its family!" said Penn Medicine on Facebook.

But the feathery creature was busy this weekend.

On Reddit, user snake_w_arms posted a photo of the possible lost bird sitting on a man's shoulder in the Italian Market in South Philly.

And another user spotted this bird on a power line nearby.

"That same bird was on the power line outside my house 23rd and South area at 6:45 Sunday night," said user rp22.

The bird doesn't appear to be injured. Penn Medicine says to contact them if you have any leads.
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