Wedding party crashes llama convention

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There was no llama drama for this bride and groom, only a whole llama fun! (KTRK)

When some expected guests showed up for their wedding, there was no llama drama for a bride and groom -- only a whole llama fun!

A llama convention was happening at Cliffs at Mountain Park -- the same hotel where the newlyweds were hosting their wedding. The couple didn't know about the events coinciding with the most magical day of their lives until they called the hotel to try to block off more rooms for their guests, to no avail.

"We called and asked, 'Can we block off more rooms?' and they said there was a llama convention and they've already blocked off the rest of the rooms," Alexis' husband, Drew Kluger, said.

Still, the couple had no clue just how up close and personal the llamas would become.

"We had a big wedding and afterward we all went back to the hotel in Flat Rock and Drew's uncle Jeff got us a party room," Alexis explained. "Someone came in and said, 'There's llamas outside,' so we went out to the lobby and there were a ton people with like eight llamas in the lobby. We were both a little tipsy at this point and just didn't know what to think."

What do you do when your wedding turns into a petting zoo? This couple found a llama and took a selfie. Naturally, the whole wedding party decided to take pictures and party with the llamas and their owners.

"It was really surreal," said Alexis. "We had no idea what was going on. They had a DJ and were playing all these pop songs. These families have llamas, and they all get together for a big reunion every year."

The party-turned-petting-zoo made for Reddit gold when Drew's cousin posted the hilarious photos to the social sharing site.

"The llama people were just super friendly," said Drew. "If it wasn't for them inviting us to come hang out with them, those pictures and the most memorable night ever would never have happened."

The next morning the couple even rode off in a llama-drawn chariot.

The couple said next year alpaca my bags to reunite with their new friends from the Southern States Llama Association at their annual reunion.
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