What could you buy with $700 million?

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What do you dream of buying with $700 million? (Shutterstock)

With today's Powerball jackpot reaching almost record levels, many people may be wondering what they could purchase with $700 million.

Although the true winner of the jackpot much less than the full pot because of taxes, we decided to have some fun seeing all the things one could buy with $700 million.

4,191,616,766 pencils - At a cost of $2.24 for a box of a dozen pencils, the big winner could purchase over four billion writing utensils.

192,307,692 boxes of cereal - The true breakfast lover will be able to enjoy over 192 million boxes of their favorite cereal. Milk must be purchased separately.

1,078,582 iPhone 7s - Connectivity would not be an issue for the jackpot winner who decides to buy a million iPhone 7s. Cell providers also might offer a decent family plan.

1752 Lamborghinis - The lucky winner could drive a new Lamborghini every day of the year for almost five years.

Two Boeing 747s - Who needs one jumbo jet, when they could have two? At price of $376.8 million, the big jackpot winner would have some money to spare.

The Vancouver Canucks - For the sports fan who always dreamed of owning a team, Powerball can make that a reality. According to Forbes, the Canucks' value is $700 million, perfectly fitting the jackpot.
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