Hundreds of Southwest Airlines workers test positive for coronavirus

DALLAS -- Hundreds of Southwest Airlines employees have tested positive for COVID-19, the airline's union said Tuesday.

TWU Local 556, the union for Southwest Airlines flight attendants, told WFAA-TV in Dallas that at least 600 employees tested positive.

The company, however, denies that, and released the following statement:

"Currently, far less than 1% of more than 60,000 Southwest Airlines Employees have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The safety and well-being of Southwest's employees and customers is our uncompromising priority, and Southwest continues to implement measures to maintain our aircraft cabins, airport locations, and work centers to the highest standards, while following all CDC guidelines, during this unprecedented time."

This comes hours after American Airlines announced a number of its flight attendants also tested positive for COVID-19.

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International air travel to and from the U.S. is virtually shut down, and domestic flights have continued but to reduced schedules across carriers.

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