Modern Philadelphia beauty shop shakes up spa industry by making luxury skincare affordable

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A new beauty spot is shaking up the spa industry by making luxury skincare more affordable and accessible without sacrificing quality.

Its owners just opened their first location in Philadelphia and they credit the city for their success.

"When you hear the word spa it connotes beauty, pampering, indulgence and there's nothing wrong with that, but for us we talk us internally we talk about re-positioning the facial," said Adam Ross, Co-Founder and CEO, Heyday Skincare.

Ross and Michael Pollak are the founders and CEOs of Heyday, a modern facial shop created to make expert skincare more affordable, less intimidating and quick with customized facials as short as just 30 minutes.

The pair has several locations across the country-mostly in New York and Los Angeles, but they just opened up their first storefront in Philadelphia. It was a highly anticipated opening for them as Ross and Pollak are both Penn graduates.

Ross says Penn's Wharton School of Business provided a catalyst for him as an entrepreneur. For Pollak it was also, personally, a full circle moment and one he hadn't imagined during his college years.

"My first job was across the street from our first location here, which is kind of trippy and awesome. But I have deep love for Philadelphia. I love this city," said Pollak.

Now the pair do their share of giving back, even outside of the skincare world. Ross remains close to his alma mater where he often speaks to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

"We want to democratize skincare. We want to empower our clients so that every treatment you're having with us, there's this aha moment about how you want to look after your skin," said Ross.

If you would like to learn more about Heyday or make an appointment, visit their website:
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