1-0 signs motivate 0-1 Temple team

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It became quite apparent Friday night, this year's Temple team is not last year's Temple team.

And with that, Coach Matt Rhule knows even he has to be different.

"I have to change. I have to realize this is a different team. I didn't have to do that last year because Tyler [Matakevich] and them were doing it. They were standing on the sidelines yelling at me. I think I told you last year, I've had to get used to this being a quiet team, well, I'm not getting used to it anymore. I'm going to go be the juice," Rhule said.

It's a concept that came to him after a wake-up call from a unique source, someone who's usually his biggest fan.

"My wife. My wife has a lot to say in a good way. And she said, 'your sideline stunk, and you stunk, and your coaches stunk. You have a bunch of coaches just standing there.' My wife said that to me. My wife never says anything about football. She said, 'that didn't look that way you usually look,' Rhule said.

And so this week against a Stonybrook team that like Army could again be overlooked, Rhule is tapping into his bag of tricks.

Something interesting found at Temple practice, signs that read '1-0.'

Temple is 0-1, so what's the reason?

"You win by just winning each week. Just win that week. And whether you win or lose that week, you move on, say what's next, and you play the next week. You don't attach too much to any one game. Just win this week. They were saying after that game, 'we have to go 1-0 next week,'" Rhule said.

And if they do that, they'll be 1-1. A fresh start.

"I think I have really good players. Because I have great, great guys, I feel like we're going to have a really, really good team. How fast we have a good team, I don't know," Rhule said.
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