8 Hilarious Times Athletes Lost it On Camera

'California Chrome' owner Steve Coburn shouldn't feel too bad. His weekend rant was nothing compared to these great 8 sports rants.

8. Serena Williams
This rant was surreal after Serena Williams was disqualified for threatening a line judge at the U.S. Open.

7. Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy
This classic tirade was after a WIN! OSU Coach reminds everyone he's 40 and a man!

6. Herm Edwards
Herm Edward is a man of strong convictions, and if he says winning is the only thing that matters, who are we to disagree?

5. Coach Hal McCrae
Warning: Video contains NSFW language.
Hal McRae lets it fly. ' Put that in your pipe and smoke it!'

4. Jim Mora
Like a fine wine, Jim Mora and his "playoffs" tirade only improves with age. 'Playoffs?' remains one of the greatest coaching rants in sports history.

3. Coastal Carolina Coach David Bennett
Coastal Carolina football coach David Bennett's rant has literally gone to the dogs.

2. Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson sums it all up in one word, 'Practice?'

1.John McEnroe
Johnny Mac, the legend when it comes to rants. Let her rip.

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