Action News talks with soccer star Carli Lloyd ahead of World Cup final

Carli Lloyd has emerged as the star of the U.S. Women's Soccer team during this year's World Cup.

The Delran, New Jersey native has scored a goal in each victory on the way to the final.

Action News spoke with Lloyd via Skype on Thursday. She is well aware she has lots of support back home.

"It's been great. The fan support's been unbelievable," said Lloyd.

Lloyd was brilliant in the match against Germany - scoring that critical penalty - then setting up a perfect cross for game-clinching goal.

"I am just trying to stay the course. I am going out there and fighting like an underdog each and every game - not worried about anything else. I just want to help my team in any way possible. I want to work hard and that's what I am doing. These moments, the big moments, yes - that's what I live for and I want to have no regrets after this game's done," said Lloyd.

Now, the U.S. faces Japan - the team they lost to in penalty kicks in 2011.

"Japan's a great team. They've done really, really well this tournament. They move the ball well. They're a great overall team, but I think that we've got so much momentum and we've had this momentum prior to the China game. And I think we're peaking at the right moment, and I really feel confident in our team to win this thing," said Lloyd.

Her family is staying back home in South Jersey, cheering her on from afar which is the way Lloyd wants it.

"I am here in the office. People go into their office, they're not bringing their friends and family there. So for me, in order for me to be at my best, in order for me to be fully 100 percent focused each and every game and do what I need to do, I'd rather have them home cheering me on and I come home with hardware," said Lloyd.

A World Cup is in sight and Lloyd plans to be a big part of winning it for the U.S.

Watch the full interview with Carli Lloyd:

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