Carson Wentz: Beginning of new normal for Eagles

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It's the beginning of the new normal. (WPVI)

"This is the beginning of the new normal."

That's how Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz puts it.

Wentz is learning on the fly and time is flying by.

Despite being thrown into the job on short notice, those who know Wentz best say he's ready and armed with the Eagles entire playbook for his debut Sunday against Cleveland.

"There's no doubt in my mind that he's ready to play, but there's so many factors that can happen and we'll see how it all plays out. We're just very confident and excited about what's coming up," Eagles Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich said Thursday.

"That's why he was drafted so high. He's got it all. He's a talented kid. He's a smart kid," Eagles tight end Brent Celek said.

Wentz's teammates and coaches are doing their best to make sure the 23-year-old quarterback is caught up to speed after missing four weeks of practice

"The communication, everything's been great. Having that support, having this team behind me, really elevates my confidence and will help me play better on Sunday," Wentz said.

The strongest message everyone has been trying to get across to Wentz - protect yourself. Head coach Doug Pederson has been preaching it since day one; since Wentz is coming off two broken ribs, the coaching staff believes he got the message loud and clear.

"We're not playing for the NFC Championship game this Sunday. It's Game One. I don't need necessarily that extra yard. Somewhere in the season, will I need the yard? Yeah, I'm going to need the yard. But protect yourself," Pederson said.

"I don't need to do anything crazy. I just need to go out there and execute, manage this offense, and do it well. The goal is to win," Wentz said.

The talking in the locker room is the Eagles can win even with a rookie QB.

"Nobody's talking about us, nobody respects us. Great. I could care less," Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews said.

Wentz and the Eagles plan to let their play do the talking.
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