Gritty's tips on self-quarantining, favorite meals, hygiene and how to stay connected

As a service to NHL fans during these uncertain times, ESPN reached out to Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty to find out how our favorite furry orange friend is coping with cleanliness, self-quarantining and generally being a mascot when there aren't any crowds to entertain.

Prepare to be informed and inspired.

ESPN: Where are you currently residing during Philadelphia's "shelter-in-place"?

Gritty: Where I have always been. In your hearts and minds. But now, 6 feet away.

ESPN: What's a typical daily diet for Gritty?

Gritty: Eating all my leftover spices, olive oil, and herbs -- I have become involuntarily vegan. It's all that's left in the grocery stores.

ESPN: Have you been able to keep in touch with the boys, and Claude Giroux in particular?

Gritty: I've written Claude about three letters a day, and he must have moved and forgot to update me on the new address, because I haven't heard back from him yet. I hope him and the fam are OK.

ESPN: Have you been in touch with other mascots?

Gritty: Here and there. I think I've left a few of their messages unread.

ESPN: Is there a mascot happy hour on Zoom?

Gritty: Every hour is a happy hour when you're a mascot.

ESPN: We've noticed you've been active on TikTok, including a stirring solo performance of "Blinding Lights" by The Weekend. Are there any TikTok dances you're looking to master?

Gritty: I am actually trying to develop my own, including the music. I'm only three notes in so might take a while. But that's art.

ESPN: We've seen players working out in a variety of ways. What are you doing to remain in game shape and to keep skills like T-shirt cannon accuracy sharp?

Gritty: Impossible to fall out of game shape if you were never really in game shape to begin with.

ESPN: Cleanliness is paramount these days. Do you have any tips for housecleaning or handwashing?

Gritty: Do your research, Greg. You follow me on TikTok, but not on Twitter?

ESPN: We understand you've been having some shower drain clogging problems? Any remedies?

Gritty: This is a really sensitive topic; it's an ongoing issue. I don't wish soggy toilet paper on even my worst enemies. I'd rather not talk about it.

ESPN: What media (TV, movies, podcasts, etc.) are you bingeing?

Gritty:"Tiger King," exclusively.

ESPN: Have you picked up any new hobbies?

Gritty: I ordered four Rosetta Stones: Mandarin, Dothraki, Canadian and Love. Four might have been too many; they're really, really heavy.

ESPN: Finally, what would you like to say to all the hockey fans missing their favorite sport right now?

Gritty: In the words of Troy, Gabriella and the rest of the "High School Musical" cast ... We're All In This Together.

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