Jason Kelce prepares for Eagles' training camp

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's a week before the Eagles are due to report for training camp but that's not stopping Jason Kelce from putting in the work.

We found him in the weight room at Temple University pumping iron.

"You don't win games on Sunday," the Eagles center said. "You win them in your preparation," he said.

That's why he works hard keeping his body in optimal shape. Kelce will be entering his ninth season in the NFL, so this time of year is nothing new for him.

"It's got some positives and negatives," Kelce said. "It's going be hot out there and as a veteran player, it's kind of a grind. But you always look forward to training camp, a lot of energy, I mean there's a lot of young guys every single year trying to make it."
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