Josh Hart flies into crowd, Villanova band members break his fall

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There's a moment from Thursday's game when guard Josh Hart went flying into the crowd - thankfully two Villanova band members were there to break his fall. (WPVI)

It's Villanova's forte - play all out!

A big lead late Thursday night didn't stop Villanova star Josh Hart from going flat out, marching into the Villanova band, trying to save the ball.

"I couldn't slow down. I was going like full speed, and I was just like, 'I hope someone catches me.' That's really about it," said Hart. "Someone was like, 'I got you Josh, I got you,' and I was like 'thanks man.' "

"He wasn't gonna slow down, and all of a sudden I realized he's gonna hit me. And instead of ducking out of the way, my first thought was, 'I have to make sure he doesn't hurt himself,' so I threw my arms out in order to try to catch him," said Villanova band member Mark Bowers.

After he and fellow band member Zach Gilcrest picked Hart up, he picked up a trumpet out of respect.

And not to toot their own horn, but the band saved Hart from a potential serious injury.

"We have to do what we have to do. We're in the band. We just come out and support. Whatever we can do," said Gilcrest.

This Villanova band story is a far cry from what happened two years ago when picolo player Roxanne Chalifoux was crying over Villanova's early exit.

"It's a lot better. This is a lot better image for us. This is good," said Gilcrest.

"Hopefully they can continue to be happy. Kind of a blessing on that one," said Hart.

It's music to their ears.

Everyone is happy to play on Saturday against Wisconsin.

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