Jimmy Kimmel calls out bandwagon Warriors fans in latest 'Lie Witness News'

Watch out, bandwagon fans. You may be wearing a Warriors jersey, but do you really know what's going on in the NBA Finals?

(WARNING: Adult humor)

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Jimmy Kimmel is once again calling out the posers in his latest installment of "Lie Witness News." He sent a crew to Oakland for the NBA Finals to quiz Warriors fans about their team and their opponents, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

One fans wearing a Warriors t-shirt and hat is asked, "Do you feel like Stevie Nicks will finally be able to take down Lindsey Buckingham?"

"It's a possibility," he replies, not making the connection that Nicks and Buckingham were members of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac.

Another fan is more than happy to offer his thoughts on LeBron James changing his name to Michael Jordan, saying he was "shocked" when he heard the news (which of course, he hadn't).

They even tried to get the best of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, asking him about a new NBA rule. Jackson, however, knew better than to fall for it. "You're lying to me," he said.
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