Local swimmers react to Lochte controversy

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Local swimmers respond to the controversy around Olympian Ryan Lochte. (WPVI)

Their dives may not be Olympic quality just yet, but one day their names could be as big as Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte.

Swimmers at the Wenonah Swim Club have been keeping an eye on the Olympic competitions in Rio and of course, the recent allegations surrounding Ryan Lochte, which are making quite the splash.

Many are disappointed to hear reports that Lochte may have been untruthful about being robbed at gunpoint.

"It is just going to take away from who he is as a person. It is just something that is stupid. A lot of people looked up to him as a swimmer and as a person and now it is just a big question mark," lifeguard Mike Quigley said.

Investigators are still wading through the details, but it appears Lochte's story about being robbed at gunpoint is sinking fast.

Swimmers like Andrea Whitte say this incident has nothing to do with swimming, but everything to do with character.

"Being a parent and being a teacher, I don't want my kids following someone like that. They can think he is a good swimmer and root for him, but I would never go to an autograph signing or anything like that," Whitte said.

While many are disappointed by the allegations, some say they are able to look past the incident and forgive Lochte and the other swimmers involved.

"I guess I am kind of shocked, but it doesn't change my opinion about him. I think he does great things. He has been a swimmer for a long time and won a lot of medals for us. I know a lot of people look up to him and so do I so, I guess things happen and it was a mistake," lifeguard Skylar Rucci said.

With all his success at the Olympics, fans say it's unfortunate this negative attention will leave a blemish on Lochte's swimming legacy.

"This probably is his last Olympics. So why wouldn't you go out on - you didn't beat Michael Phelps, but you still did great. Why would you want this to be the backstory, because that what people are going to remember. Unfortunately, people remember the bad," Whitte said.

Many are waiting to hear from Lochte himself on what the truth really is.
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