North Penn's female kicker's leveling hit goes viral

So much for the notion that girls can't be football players.

Kelly Macnamar, the first female football player in the history of North Penn High School, tweeted a video of her hard-hitting block on a Central Bucks East High School player during their Suburban One League Continental Conference game Saturday - and the video has gone viral.

And she's been fielding interview requests from across the country ever since.

"It's really overwhelming. It's not hard to deal with, but like too much to think about at one time," said Kelly, North Penn kicker.

Kelly says the ironic thing is that as that kick-off return was developing, she never thought that play would end up on a highlight reel.

"He was coming really fast down the sideline, and I kind of froze for a quick second, trying to think of what I was going to do, and I just ran at him, trying to push him out of bounds," said Kelly.

"If you listen to the audio, the coaches on the press box were next to the camera were excited as anybody, and I'm on the headset with one of them, and I didn't realize it was Kelly that hit 'em," said Head Coach Dick Beck. "He's the one that kept screaming, 'That was Kelly! That was Kelly!' "

The coach adds that while he's glad to see Kelly receive all this notoriety, to be honest, he's just happy that his kick-off team didn't give up six points.

"If she doesn't make that tackle, the kid might have scored, so it was more about the tackle more than anything else, but the hit was pretty nice," said Coach Beck.

The best part is the Knights went on to win 33-14, improving their record to 7-0.

And Kelly?

She has made four of five field goals attempted this year, and has only missed two extra points all season.

Kelly says, just maybe, her new-found fame will help her fulfill her dream of taking her kicking skills to the next level.

"If I had the opportunity to play in college, I would absolutely love to do that," said Kelly.
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