Phillies give back to homeless for holidays

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Phillies manager, Pete Mackainin, and new general manager, Matt Klentak, were among the Phils trying to cheer up the homeless Friday at the Bethesda Project Homeless Shelter.

A hot meal and a warm kiss from Phanta Claus himself was on the menu.

"It's really great, you know, you get the respect for the people who do this on a constant basis, but to see all the people come in with the smiles on their faces when they get a good meal likes this," said Mackainin.

"You can struggle on the field and still have a positive impact somewhere, which is a good thing to remind yourself of," said Phillies President Andy MacPhail.

Now the Phillies new GM needs to start serving up some wins.

Klentak, who's been on the job for about two months, has picked up a lot of new pitching - a start in the monumental task of turning this team around.

"I actually think the hunger of the fans and the passion of the city, I think that is actually energizing," said Klentak.

The guys tell Action News they've been good this year. The question is what's on their Phillies Christmas wish list?

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