Sam Bradford gets burned -- with a sandwich

A local chef apparently doesn't feel too sympathetic to Sam Bradford's cause after the Philadelphia Eagles traded up to No. 2 in the draft to select Carson Wentz. Per Brandon Baker of, Big Q BBQ's Drew Abbruzzese channeled his frustration with Bradford's trade request into a ... sandwich. And what a creation it is.

The sandwich comes complete with deep-fried jalapenos -- for the hot seat Bradford now finds himself on -- pulled pork -- for when Bradford is yanked to make way for Wentz -- fried chicken and spicy Philadelphia cream cheese all wedged between a potato roll -- for going down like a sack of potatoes.

According to Baker, Big Q BBQ gave away 150 free "Sam Bradford sandwiches" on Wednesday. If you missed out on the tasty troll-job, not to fear, the sandwich will remainon special for $5 until Bradford is traded away. After that, the price will hike up to $7, matching Bradford's jersey.

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