What's keeping the Eagles awake?

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is losing sleep over how they are going to stop the highest scoring team in football.

"You don't sleep well the entire week," Schwartz said.

He's tossing and turning over Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan who has tossed an NFL high of 23 touchdowns.

But the Exton native is not the only concern.

Julio Jones has the most receiving yards in the NFL.

"I'm not losing sleeping. I'm sleeping good at night," Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said. "It is the number one offense we'll be facing all year."

"Falcons are playing well offensively because they are not a one trick pony," Schwartz said.

As much pressure as there is on the Eagles' defense on Sunday, it's just as important for the Eagles' offense to keep up. Now that's a lot of pressure on the shoulders of rookie Carson Wentz and Ryan feels his pain.

"Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders up there, it's a place I know it can be tough on their teams, for sure, but, it's like any place, if you're winning, its good," Ryan said.

"I'm very excited about the game. I'm passionate about it. At the same time, I'm calm when I need to be," Wentz said.

To alleviate the work load on Wentz and the defense, the Eagles are hoping to establish the run to run down the clock and play keep away.
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