What's up with Jake Voracek's hair?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's wild. Untamed. Free Flowing. Uninhibited.

And it just may be the key to the Philadelphia Flyers' playoff run.

So with that, I had a very serious question for the Flyers: What's up with Jake Voracek's hair?

"That is a serious question," forward Wayne Simmonds said. "It's pretty impressive."

"I don't know. It looks interesting, I would say the least," defenseman Mark Streit said.

It is interesting considering the Flyers forward hasn't cut his hair in a year.

Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol had a quick response at first when asked the question.

"Can I go now?" he said and laughed.

Hakstol followed up with, "It's classic playoff hair, I guess, that's what we'll call it."

Now, hockey and hair have a rich history. But we're usually talking about a playoff beard with not shaving being a superstition. That's not the case here.

"I'm just so lazy to get a haircut or shave my face, that's the only reason. I'd rather sleep or lie in the bed than go get a haircut," Voracek said.

Flyers captain Claude Giroux has a simple explanation.

"Jake is Jake. You don't ask questions. You just go with it," Giroux said.

Simmonds and Streit have their own opinions.

"We've been trying to get him to straighten it, to be honest with you," Simmonds said.

"I think it's his look, I think it fits him well," Streit said.

And so, forget the fact his lion-like locks are merely pure laziness, the Flyers hope there's a little magic in that mane.

"The power is supposed to be in the hair, I think that's why you grow your beard. I think now no one is going to be touching any hair," Simmonds said.
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