Starbucks customer orders Frappuccino with 19 ingredients

A recent order at Starbucks may have been the most complicated - ever.

It's great that you can customize your drink order, but a customer may have taken it a bit far with 27 requests asking for 19, yes, 19 ingredients. It's basically a barista's nightmare.

A photo shared on Reddit shows a receipt allegedly taken by a Starbucks barista of a 19-ingredient Frappuccino. It included banana, strawberry, blueberry, and four types of milk. The drink also contained Matcha powder, a finely ground and processed green tea.

Here's the order:

With heavy cream
Lactaid (lactose-free) milk
In a Venti cup
No water
Ex (extra) Caramel Drizzle
Ex (extra) Greek yogurt

34 degrees
Add Frapp chips
No whip (whipped cream)
Add agave (syrup)
0.3 with almond milk
0.5 with soy
0.14 with cream
No ice
Stevia Monk Frt Us

Ex (extra) Coconut flakes
Matcha powder
W/ room (customer does not want a cup filled to the top)
2 protein powder
Raw sugar
No sweet cream
Blueberry topping
0.152 with coconut milk
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