Storm tears through area, damaging buildings including Havertown Swiss Farms

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- New Castle County, Delaware and Havertown, Delaware County got the brunt of Monday's storm.

Thousands of people were without power on Monday night.

Havertown resident Kelly Wick heard the sound of a 70 foot tree crushing her new car.

"It was pretty scary," Wick said.

The Wicks' yard and thousands of Havertown residences were draped in snapped trees, pummeled utility poles and downed power lines.

"We saw the flash and then the whole thing came down," resident Andrew Lawton said.

A charred tree trunk that fell on wires now bears the scars of a lightning strike.

"It was still smoking when we came out, it was insane; the bolt just came down. Tell you the truth, after it hit, we couldn't see the thing hit the ground, because the rain was so strong," Lawton said.

Residents were gawking at a partially peeled up a lawn.

"It just looks like a children's science book. It's just peeled up," resident Lisa Fox said.

Employees at Swiss Farms were cleaning up what was left of the 40 year old silo that sat next to the drive-thru.

"Most important thing, everyone's safe. This can be rebuilt which we will do," Swiss Farms CEO Scott Simon said.

The trail of damage Mother Nature left behind is costly.

"I made all the phone calls so I'm just waiting to hear back on how to take care of the tree removal and crushed car," Wick said.

Before the storm moved through, people in the area were struggling to keep cool in day five of our current heat wave.