Tamron Hall talks about her second season ahead of Monday's debut

Tamron Hall is getting ready to kick off the second season of her award-winning daytime talk show here on 6abc.

It returns Monday - with all new episodes - and she's back in the studio.

It's been six months since Hall stepped foot on her set.

"I was a little nervous. I was a little frayed, but I was also ready," Hall says.

While so much has changed, she says the heart of the show remains.

"We say that we laugh together, we cry together, but most important, we talk together."

We were in the studio for Tamron's first season exactly one year ago.

While there won't be a live audience, she says the connection will be there as it has been since she brought her show home back in March.

"We take off our masks and we say. 'Let's talk about it,'" Hall says. "We know now more than ever before that there's no Instagram filter that can shield us from what's happening, so we just have to sit down and have real conversations with people and have fun in the process."

For her first day back in the studio, Tamron wore a little fighting Philly flair -- a Rocky t-shirt.

"I felt it was appropriate to wear as I came into the studio for the first time because we are all like Rocky, sometimes you're on the mat and you get to get up. So, we get up each and every time," she said.

To celebrate the Temple University alum's 50th birthday next week, a Philly legend is on music duty: DJ Jazzy Jeff.

"It's perfect! I love him," Hall says. "Anything related to Philly is good for me."

She has a big lineup for her first week. She calls her first guest's interview one of the most difficult of her career.

She kicks off her second season with an hour-long exclusive interview with Andrew Gillum, a former rising superstar in the Democratic Party, whose hopes for a political future were derailed after a headline-making scandal this past spring.

Tamron Hall Season 2 kicks off Monday, September 14th at 10 a.m. on 6abc.
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