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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Copies of ABC News programs are available for purchase. Videotapes and transcripts may be ordered online at the ABC News Store. You can also order by phone toll free at (800) 505 - 6139. Transcripts of ABC News programming are available from:

The Transcription Company

4100 West Burbank Boulevard, 3rd Floor

Burbank, California 91505

Phone: (818) 848 - 6500

Web site: www.transcripts.tv

*Due to copyright restrictions, copies of entertainment programs are not available.

6abc does not make copies of its broadcasts available to viewers. Copies and transcripts of ACTION NEWS programs are available for a charge from the following resources:

MULTIVISION: CALL: 800-560-0111

NEWSWATCH: (215) 836-7340

*6abc is not affiliated with Video Monitoring Service, Newswatch or Multivision Media Monitoring, and receives no compensation from them.

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