Dad creates app to track kids on play dates

They say it takes a village.

Now, a father in Texas has created an app to help parents start that village.

The SafeSubs app allows parents in a neighborhood to communicate with one another about where kids are located.

For example, you can check kids into your house when they come over to play.

Their parents will know they've arrived safely.

Then you check them out as they leave to go home.

If you're ready for your child to come home, just press "Send Home".

Parents want to know where their kids are, but they don't want to bombard parents with text messages and this gives the kids some freedom.

"We wanted to give our kids the freedom of roaming from house to house but not having them have cell phones too early. or come back home and tell us hey I am over at so and so's house," says App Developer, Chris Ross.

You can also update your own child's status to let other parents know he or she is available for a playdate or include their allergies for when your child goes to a friend's home.

Click here for information about setting up the SafeSubs app in your neighborhood.
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