Dad uses drone to follow his daughter to school

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WPVI) -- Need a new way to keep tabs on your child?

A father in Tennessee may have the answer.

Chris Early uses an eye in the sky to watch his eight-year-old daughter.

Early, from Knoxville, is a techie and he loves to play with his new drone.

He owns a production company and loves to see what new things he can do with it.

A few weeks ago he used it to when his daughter Katie asked to walk to school on her own.

As she was walking out of the door, the father got out his new toy and took video of her during her morning stroll.

"I could see on the monitor that a lot of the kids were looking and pointing", said Chris Early. "And I'm sure Katie was just like, 'It's my dad.'"

Believe it or not, Katie said she's cool with her dad checking up on her.

While some say he's being overprotective, Chris says it was just for fun. He's just happy knowing she's safe.

It might be a different story when she becomes a teenager.
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