TroubleShooters: Resolving Comcast customer billing issues

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The Action News Troubleshooters have gotten more complaints about Comcast than any other company.

The Action News Troubleshooters have gotten more complaints about Comcast than any other company. Now the cable giant claims to be re-inventing their customer experience - something many say is long overdue.

"I think they are horrible to their customers," said Carol Lehman.

The Lehmans tell us that for five years, Comcast erroneously charged them for a cable box they'd actually turned in.

"I am not happy about it, that's over $600," said Lehman.

They say they have all their bills - five years' worth to prove it.

"I'm upset because it is so much money," said Lehman.

Tim Hershey in Sicklerville, New Jersey told me he, too, was erroneously charged for a cable box for the past 5 plus years.

But trying to get their money back from Comcast?

"Dealing with them is like banging your head against the wall - you get nowhere," said John Lehman.
The Camerons tell the Troubleshooters that Comcast claimed they didn't turn in their box either so they were erroneously charged for an extra month after they canceled their service.

"The problem is their customer service needs to be fixed - I mean there's something radically wrong," said Sienna Cameron.

The Camerons tell us they made phone call after phone call to Comcast.

"Over and over - every time I'd have to go through the whole thing," said Ronald Cameron.

After the Action News Troubleshooters got involved, Hershey told me Comcast agreed to credit his account for the additional charges for the past five years.

The Lehmans got a voicemail from Comcast saying they would give them their $600 but only if they agreed not to talk about it.

The Camerons didn't have that issue.

"Channel 6 came through and got our $200 back for us," said Cameron.

Comcast says, "We have apologized to our customers and these issues have since been resolved to their satisfaction. This week, Comcast announced plans to significantly improve the customer experience, and those efforts will go a long way to prevent the experiences these customers went through last year."

So what is Comcast promising? Among other things, in the future - digital receipts when customers turn in equipment.

And a new measure in place right now lets customers drop off their equipment at certain UPS stores. Comcast says - "Walk in, drop off, that's it."

But my advice? Ask for and keep your receipt.

Meantime, as part of its so-called "transformation," again Comcast promises to create more than 5,500 customer service jobs over the next few years.

It also says it'll create three new customer support centers in Albuquerque, Spokane, and Tuscon - and triple the size of its team that serves customers on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

For more information on Comcast's upcoming changes:

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