Some Penn State fans feeling snubbed after being left out of playoffs

It's safe to say it's been a great season for both Penn State and Temple University.

And they're both Bowl bound so there's a lot of excitement, but depending on who you ask, especially Penn State fans, some are feeling snubbed.

"And it's bull that Penn State didn't get in over Ohio State. I'm over it," said Shawn of Boston.

It's all people are talking about at Field House.

"If you beat a team and you win a conference, it seems pretty simple to me, that you should be in the Final Four," said Shawn.

Penn State may be Big 10 Champs, but Saturday's win wasn't enough to rank them one of the Top Four college teams in the country.

Over in Happy Valley, Penn State students celebrated their championship win in the streets, only for the excitement to be eclipsed.

"I'm really upset, they really should have made it," a Penn State fan told us.

The Temple Owls are bound for the Military Bowl to play Wake Forest in Annapolis after breaking in the Top 25 in the College Football Playoff poll.

"Excited to go back to Annapolis for this Military Bowl. I think we'll have, obviously, tremendous memories of the championship game as we go down there," said Temple football Coach Matt Rhule. "And I think one thing I can't let be lost from the game is just how great the Temple fans were. I thought our fans provided tremendous energy, and really made it feel like a home crowd."

As for Nittany Lions' fans.

"I would have like to see them play Alabama because I think they could have beat Alabama. I think they're the best team in the country. I'm looking forward to them playing against USC in the Rose Bowl," said Rick Manero of Lansdale.

Penn State plays USC on Jan. 2, and Temple plays Wake Forest on Dec. 27. Both games air on our sister station ESPN.
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