Elon Musk says thousands pre-ordered Tesla Cybertruck

SAN FRANCISCO -- Tesla's CEO Elon Musk says at least 200,000 people want the new Cybertruck after unveiling it on Thursday at the company's design studio in Southern California.

Tesla's new futuristic-looking pickup truck was inspired by James Bond's car and fighter jets and does not look like any other heavy pickup in the market.

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During the unveiling, Tesla demonstrated the truck's durability by throwing metal balls at the truck.

To Musk's surprise, the balls left cracks on the window but did not penetrate through to the interior.

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Despite the unbreakable windows that broke, Musk tweeted updates about the car's pre-order, revealing "200K" people have joined the list by Sunday.

You can get on Tesla's Cybertruck reservations list by paying a $100 refundable deposit.

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