Texas security guard praised for thwarting armed robbery

A security guard in Texas is being hailed Wednesday for single-handedly stopping three armed robbers over the weekend.

Thomas Garcia could be heard in video yelling commands at one of the robbers to drop his gun and get down.

The ordeal unfolded inside a Houston cell phone store.

Garcia drew his own gun and moved in.

At one point, he physically struggles with one of the crooks, who then puts his own weapon down and pleads with Garcia not to shoot.

Garcia did not shoot, so as to not harm anyone else inside the store.

"He risked his life and he came within minutes. He actually saved us," said Saad Hasmani, an employee at the store.

Garcia was humble about it, saying he was only doing his job.

The robbers did get away, but left behind some key evidence, including a gun and a car police say they stole.
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