Chef cooks Thanksgiving meal for 100 of Philadelphia's homeless

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Inside the West Philadelphia ministry of Chosen 300, empty tables and chairs will be filled with people ready to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

"It's a beacon of hope, some place I can come and feel safe," said Darren Butler, a congregation member.

Getting the food is a community effort, but all the cooking is thanks to one chef in a tucked-away kitchen.

"It's small but you make it work," said Chef Donald Williams, of More Humble Hearts. Williams cooked a feast large enough to feed 100 of the city's homeless. It's taken weeks of his free time.

"It's love. It's breaking bread and that's where it's at with me," he said.

His love for cooking comes from his grandma, but his passion to serve is something he's learned.

"I was sort of homeless, so I know what it feels like not to have a meal or a place to go," he said.

Now, Williams is an advocate for the homeless.

"If I see someone out there who is hungry, who is homeless, who needs help...I'm going to stop and I'm going to say how can I help you," said WIlliams.

The giving at Chosen 300 doesn't stop with a hot meal, the center also gave away free turkeys and set up a table with canned goods, to help anyone who may need it round out their Thanksgiving meal.

"It's like finding a brick of gold as you walk down the street. It's a miracle," said Butler.
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