What's The Deal: Tips to paint like a pro

If you're like me, and hosting Thanksgiving, your tendency is to want to redo everything in your house.

That's when it's time to turn to a homeowner's best friend: paint.

MoneyTalksNews has some tips and tricks to make your project go more quickly and smoothly.

There are very few things you can do to improve your home and change its look without lots of time, money and aggravation.

But there is one: Painting.

It's relatively easy, it's cheap and it can really make a huge difference.

Here are some tips that are going to make your next paint job easier and quicker.

First, before you start, get rid of stray roller fuzz with a lint roller.

Next, never clean another paint tray: just line it with either aluminum foil or a plastic bag.

And speaking of cleaning, if you're doing another coat tomorrow, don't clean your brush or roller.

Wrap it with aluminum foil - make it airtight - and put it in the fridge.

It won't dry out for days.

Using an old, slightly crusty roller?

Trim the ends to keep it from leaving tracks in your paint job.

If you hate the smell of paint, you can mix a little vanilla extract in it: problem solved.

Need to revive some old, hardened masking tape?

Stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften it up.

Keep your paint cans clean by wiping your brush on a rubber band, instead of the side of the can.

And a final tip: after your project is complete and you're ready to clean up latex paint, put your brush in a pot, put some vinegar in with it, heat it up on the stove, and a hardened brush will come clean, but that only works with latex paint.

And how about this: if you are selling your house, consider painting the front door black.

Real estate website, Zillow, did an analysis and found on average, homes with front doors painted a shade of black sold for more than $6,000 more than similar homes with doors painted white.
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