Mom thankful after receiving unique surgery

Americans give thanks for many things on Thanksgiving, but a young mother from Georgia is especially excited.

For the first time, she enjoyed her holiday meal without sickness or pain.

For years, 33-year-old Jessica Griesbach had back pain, and became nauseous and bloated whenever she ate.

She didn't know it, but she was born with her intestines misplaced, and pressing on vital organs.

Over time, it could have become life-threatening.

On the internet, Jessica found a doctor with a unique surgery to move, and properly secure her intestines.

It saved them, and will spare her a future transplant.

"We're using the patient's own organ to fix it in an anatomical way. And place it like reorganizing your kitchen or your bedroom, using your own furniture, making your house look pretty and safe," said Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd, Cleveland Clinic surgeon.

"The relief I've gotten since surgery has been miraculous. It's night and day," said Griesbach.

Her pain is gone, she's back at work and doing her photography business.

And she's back playing with her son.
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