Politics off Thanksgiving dinner table for many

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
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Politics will not be served at Thanksgiving for many.

This Thursday you can expect one item off the Thanksgiving dinner table for many: politics.

"It's just too heated right now," Bridgette Cappello of West Conshohocken said.

"We had the pre-Thanksgiving politics talk last week so it's over, we are done,"

According to an ABC News SSRS poll, more than 1/3 of Americans say just the idea of talking politics at Thanksgiving stresses them out.

In fact, for some, tensions are so high that they're implementing a new policy.

"We never had a rule that way, but I'm getting the feeling that we probably will have a no politics policy this year," Daisha Williams of Norristown said.

Though many haven't had a problem - so far.

"If people talk about it, we will definitely talk about it," Dilip Khatwani of King of Prussia said.

Veteran family law attorney Lynne Gold-Bikin says don't go there or you're asking for trouble.

"Why would you do that? There's going to be a lot of cranberry sauce going back and forth and it won't be on the plate," Gold-Bikin said.

But what if Uncle Johnny insists on hearing your thoughts on the election?

"You say 'thank you very much, but we're not doing that, have some more turkey,'" Gold-Bikin said.

So when can you bring it up?

"After Thanksgiving is over," Gold-Bikin said.